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Piracy is still in the picture as one of the Spain’s problem, after years of growth in legal video-on-demand (VOD) and online video.

Numbers of online content consumers that are using pirate platform climb for a remarkable increase to five percent, from having 58 percent in 2014 it became 63 percent in the year 2015. Online consumers who used the pirate platform more often than not engaged in illegal activities such as series and films on demand watching and live football streaming.

According to the report, there are approximately 4.3 billion pirate downloads that were being accessed by the Spanish in the year 2015. The data is equivalent to €24 billion in the market value. The most consumed pirate content was Films ranging up to 34 percent and series ranging up to 30 percent. Music gained20 percent and Live Football gained 11 percent.

The figures published in the Observatorio de la Piratería. It is related to a report by the analyst firm GFK. GFK stands for Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung (Society for Consumer Research). Meanwhile, it is supported by content creators and La Liga, Spain’s football association. The figures were reported in a year in which Netflix has arrived in the country and Home Box Office (HBO) has announced plans to launch HBO Go. However, more local video-on-demand platforms like or Movistar+ Series have increased both catalogues and availability.

Regarding sports content, especially the football, there were great changes. Unlike before, it has become exclusively premium, and there are no free-to-air- options. The result of this contributes to the piracy problem that makes it one of the relentless dilemmas of Spain. Survey about this issue shows that 62 percent of the consumers said the original content was too expensive to pay for. On the other hand, 55 percent of the consumers said that they used pirate platform for the reason that it was quicker and easier to find and watch.

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