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Imagine paying just £35/year for 13,000+ VOD titles and 600+ channels including Sky Movies and Sky Sports or £70-85 for a pre-loaded IPTV set-top-box with a two-year subscription to all of that amazing content.  UK-based Luke Skinner offered this incredible deal through his OpenBox STBs, but the only problem was that every bit of the programming was pirated.  

For his theft, UK authorities have slammed Skinner with a £50,000 fine.  And as Broadband TV News reported last week, see link here Skinner is also barred from any future OpenBox sales.

“The individuals who encroach copyrighted substance do as such at their own hazard. This case is another case of the substantial value individuals who encourage robbery can pay,” Matthew Hibbert, Head of Litigation at Sky.

This enforcement is just the latest in a global trend of authorities clamping down on piracy which each year costs content providers literally tens of billions of dollars in lost revenue. Of course, programming theft also hits legitimate IPTV and OTT operators.

One way that legal IPTV and OTT platforms can fight piracy is through a superior user-experience and quality-of-service as well as a revenue model that matches local consumer appetites.  This is exactly the trend in Southeast Asia as Hotstar, Hooq and other OTT providers are succeeding with a “freemium” model whereby a wide variety of content is offered on ad-supported basis with an optional ad-free, subscription tier.

In parallel, many APAC IPTV operators are gaining ground with IPTV and mobile bundles, especially with quality connectivity at an absolute premium and mobile being the predominant means of internet access.  This model is holding true in the Middle East and Africa as well as the most established markets like the United States and Europe.

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