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• Copyright infringement, otherwise known as piracy or simply theft, is an act of using and/or distributing copyright protected content without permission. The unauthorized copying, distributing and selling of copyrighted works is illegal and rigorously punishable by law.

• SETTV, the notorious IPTV provider, has recently suffered the consequences to their actions, being sued by DISH Network and NagraStar, along with Amazon, Netflix and dozens of other entertainment companies prior to this.
In a Florida court, DISH Network and encryption partner NagraStar sued several individuals, companies and trusts collectively doing business as SETTV via the domain

Eventually, the Florida-based streaming service has agreed to pay more than $90 million to the complainants while shutting down its domains and handing over all of the equipment.
“Defendants created a pirate streaming television service they have branded ‘SET TV’,” the complaint reads, citing offenses under the Federal Communications Act (FCA).

“Defendants sell subscriptions and devices for the SET TV pirate streaming service, which includes numerous television channels that were received without authorization from DISH’s satellite service and were subsequently re-transmitted without authorization on the SET TV pirate streaming service.”
However, despite admitting the charges, Set Broadcast claims it had no reason to believe that its acts were considered an infringement of copyright.

In an agreed judgment handed down by a Florida court, the demands of DISH and NagraStar have now been met.
The Set TV website went offline earlier this month and now, as reported by TorrentFreak, the service appears to have shut down for good.

• Among a great variety of motives for engaging in copyright infringement, not a single one of them is worth the risk of getting caught. The immorality of the act aside, the penalties and sanctions have a potential of being huge.

In the modern day reality best things in life are not free, so with that in mind it’s only logical to assume that you’d need to pay an affordable price in order to get the best possible service and protect yourself while doing so.

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