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MatrixStream Data Sheets

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All the datasheets are in PDF format.

Please download the datasheets below:

MatrixStream Corporate Brochure

  1. MatrixStream Corporate Brochure Overview

MatrixCloud Server datasheets

  1. IMX_M2200_Middleware_Server
  2. IMX_X1i_i2410_Live_TV_Edge_Node_Server
  3. IMX_X1v_v2420_VOD_Edge_Node_Server
  4. IMX_c2300_Network_Management_Server

MatrixCloud VOD Network DVR Storage Solution

  1. IMX_X1S_Storage_Server

MatrixCloud IPTV Solution Add-ons

  1. IMX_MatrixCrypt
  2. IMX_Geo_Blocking
  3. IMX_E-Commerce

MatrixCloud Media Transport

  1. IMX E4100_Video_Gateway
  2. IMX_e4090_HD_Video_Processor

MatrixEverywhere IPTV Clients

  1. MX_3_Nano_HD_STB
  2. MX_1100_PC_XMS_Viewer
  3. MX_1101_Android_Player
  4. IMX_1102_IOS_Player

White Papers

  1. Deploying Complete OTT IPTV Live TV VOD Solution in Africa
  2. IPTV - To Cloud or Not to Cloud


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