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Moldova IPTV grew by a stellar 78.5% in 2017 for a total of 139,500 subscribers, according to Moldovan regulatory authority, ANRCETI.  This growth is consistent with the promising trend of IPTV expansion in Eastern Europe expected over the next many years.

Even with the increase in IPTV popularity, pay TV penetration stands at just 9.1% of Moldovan TV households.  This likely reveals vast growth opportunities for enterprising IPTV providers, especially perhaps operators whom offer a variety of services including pay TV, broadband and more.

IPTV revenue increased by 16% in 2017 to MDL73.9 million and non-traditional TV revenue dropped by 2.8% to MDL85.6 million. That said, ARPU dropped by 3.5% to MDL44.8.  Pay TV earnings climbed 5.1% over the same period to MDL159.5 million (EUR7.75 million).

Meanwhile, non-IPTV video customers in Moldova actually dropped by 4% to 184,200. At the beginning of 2018 there were 323,700 Moldovan pay TV subscribers at the end of in 2017, an increase of 53,700 subscribers which represents 19.9% YOY growth.

Though there are currently a whopping 100+ Moldovan pay TV operators, Moldtelecom leads the way with a 32.9% market share. Other popular providers include Sunlight Communications (23.5%) and SRL TELEVISION Box (13.15%), while the remaining pay TV customer base was split between many smaller platforms.  More particularly, 56.9% of customers choosing cable television and another 43.1% subscribing to IPTV with a majority of users accessing digital TV while 43.5% of pay TV consumers utilize analog technology.

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