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The growing movie market will skyrocket the IPTV demand in China in years to come.  China is expected to exceed the US movie revenue and number of screens by 2017 according to Rich Gelfond, Imax Chief Executive.

“We entered China just as the multiplex boom was happening and our box office has increased 50 percent a year on a compound basis,” he said.

Kung Fu Panda was an unbeatable example of how producers’ hearts can soar into billions of dollars. The first launch of the movie earned $1.5 billion in 2010. Just five years after, the revenue boomed to $6.7 billion.  The shift made more producers especially Hollywood films to modify the movie themes to become less US-centered. This is to create greater appeal to the locals.

IPTV in China is a Great Platform to Answer the Growing Movie Demand.  The IPTV services in China started last 2004. The demand showed rapid growth despite the policy restrictions that the China Government imposed back then.  There were over four million broadband subscribers in China as of March 2011. About one-third of these users subscribers to IPTV services.

According to Advanced Television, the Asia pacific region is expected to be the fastest growing regional market for IPTV services. This is due to the impressive compound annual growth rate that can increase to 21.1 percent for the year 2014 to 2020.  The IPTV growth in China is estimated to attract more IPTV subscribers over the next five years. Countries like Indonesia, India, and South Korea will also be key contributors during this period.

The growing movie demand and the IPTV shift in China is a golden opportunity for service providers. It is critical to have a reliable IPTV system that can cater to this strong demand.

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