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Add Amazon Prime Video to the list of the world’s largest streaming services spending big on content before they may be ready to provide the world-class experience audiences expect from live sports events.  In fact, live events now require even more commercial and technical excellence because they span live and on-demand platforms.  These issues are compounded all the more with weeks-long happenings like the U.S. Open tennis tournament.

Earlier this year, Amazon secured exclusive streaming rights to the U.S. Open in the UK and Ireland for five years.  Considering the popularity of tennis in the UK and Ireland, the relatively-inexpensive $40 million deal could provide a big opportunity for expanding Prime Video in English-speaking Europe.  But viewers have flooded Amazon with a laundry list of complaints and one-star reviews.

“There is no replay option, no ability to record [and] the picture quality is very poor,” said one tennis fan. “It’s like going back in time 25 years.”

“Poor picture quality, sound dropping out of sync, constant buffering. Just a nightmare. And no effort on the homepage to show the schedule of play, timings etc. As someone who watches every tournament (until now), I am hugely disappointed that Amazon is now my only option.”

IPTV operators and OTT services should learn from Amazon’s mistakes and match streaming tech and user-experiences with content spending.  Otherwise, writing programming checks will backfire incredibly rather than build brand and drive revenue across all product offerings.

Matrixstream has helped some of the world’s largest telecoms deliver major events like the recent World Cup and we can apply that expertise to your IPTV and OTT efforts.  Contact us today to explore our end-to-end platform spanning video, user management, complex billing integration, network authentication and more.

Photo Credit: U.S. Open

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